Modern Musicology Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)


Shen paints a variety of subjects in a style she dubs “Pop Graffiti Realism”. Shen’s deep passion for music is reflected in this Modern Musicology collection, which are in depth studies of music and the artists behind it. Celebrities from this collection include Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, BB King, Willie Nelson, The Beatles and more.

:ShenShen210: was the tag, now the hashtag, of the original West Coast Graffiti Girl. Shen paints Love across this world to bring hope to those who often see only in shades of gray. :ShenShen210:’s work has been exhibited through museums, galleries, and collections worldwide.

If you love Shen’s style (and who wouldn’t?), please inquire with the gallery as to availability of subjects and pricing. Commissioned portraits are also available.

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Artist Statement

All the colors of a rainbow exist between black and white. I choose to live my life in the colors of the rainbow today and create my paintings utilizing all of my experiences to this point and most importantly, with the help and inspiration of God. I often use familiar images such as portraits or iconic images as my jumping off point. Then, a process ensues that gives me the opportunity to ascend into a journey of the unknown, only trusting God to bring the unimaginable results.

Every single painting as well as stroke within the painting provides me with the unique opportunity to take chances, make mistakes and ultimately each step becomes a vehicle of self discovery. As my voice becomes more clear and distinct in my life, I find that my voice as an artist becomes more clear and distinct as well.

There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to be a photo realistic painter… then I realized that I could do that. I could be an excellent photo realist painter, but that was not meant to be my ultimate goal. I wanted to venture into territories yet unseen, not that I am doing anything that hasn’t been done before, but I strive to recreate what has been earlier realized in new and exciting ways. I enjoy experimenting with media combinations that I have never tried before. I love the process of discovery, which to me, in this life, is a never ending journey….  and, ultimately is this life!