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Design Inspired by the Wood

Matt Downer


Finely detailed, handcrafted work begs to be touched. One of the great pleasures of working with wood is the rich tactility of it. My hope is that every one of my clients will caress each piece I’ve made for them on a regular basis. By feeling the curves and sensing the flow of the grain, the piece stands apart from a world full of objects spat out by some machine on the other side of the planet. Painstakingly crafted by attentive eyes and practiced hands, every surface of every piece I make is worked so as to bring life back to the wood that once grew as a beautiful tree.

Forms tend toward the curved with exposed joinery, pegged through-tenons, dovetails etc. Cherry, Maple and Black Walnut constitute the lions share of my materials, but other woods with the potential to bring something to the piece are also eligible. I often incorporate metal, glass, stone and inlays of copper and silver.