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Furniture & Décor

From custom made furniture to one-of-a-kind accessories, Gold Mountain Gallery offers everything from décor staples to those final touches that make each room unique.

  • Outdoor Zero Gravity Swing with Canopy

  • Antique Flat Belt Pulley Coffee Table

  • Steampunk Jeep Table

  • Rustic Wood & Steel Side Table

  • Rustic Wood & Steel Table or Desk

  • Custom Wood & Steel Coffee Table

  • Custom Wood Corner Desk

  • Wood & Steel Custom Dining or Side Table

  • Antique Barn Wood Industrial Table

  • Antique Tractor Wheel Coffee Table

  • Walnut And Tiger Maple Ping Pong Table

  • Rustic Reclaimed Dining Table

  • Mirror Box

  • Steampunk Ford Table

Custom Lighting

Everything in our gallery is hand crafted by talented artists.

Jewelry, Watches & Metal

Hand made jewelry, exclusive MB&F luxury watches, artisan-crafted kitchenware, and intricately patterned Damascus steel knives.

Fine Rugs

With our wide selection of contemporary, traditional, Navajo, and antique rugs from around the world, we have something for everyone.

Art & Photography

Featuring fine artwork, sculpture, hand-blown glass and photography from accomplished artists, many of whom are Colorado-based.

  • Honor Ride by Kira Fercho

  • Red Star Tipi by Kira Fercho

  • White Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Brave by Kira Fercho

  • Sunday Morning Poppies by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen Splendor by Kira Fercho

  • Aspens in the Fall by Kira Fercho

  • Rocky Mountain Aspens by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen Originals by Kira Fercho

  • Cool Fall Day by Kira Fercho

  • End of Season by Kira Fercho

  • Paintings by Kira Fercho

  • Yellowstone King by Kira Fercho

  • Yellowstone Bison by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen Oil Paintings by Kira Fercho

  • Feeling Blue by Kira Fercho

  • Aspens in Fall by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen Lake by Kira Fercho

  • Glowing by Kira Fercho

  • Charming Aspens by Kira Fercho

  • Honor Lodge by Kira Fercho

  • Flowers by Kira Fercho

  • Gus by Kira Fercho

  • Best Friend by Kira Fercho

  • Power by Kira Fercho

  • Grazing by Kira Fercho

  • Horse Ran Free by Kira Fercho

  • In the Vase by Kira Fercho

  • Canade Geese in Winter by Kira Fercho

  • Gorgeous Aspens by Kira Fercho

  • Fall Aspens by Kira Fercho

  • Paradise by Kira Fercho

  • Arancia and Lavendar Bliss by Kira Fercho

  • Aspens by Kira Fercho

  • Sold

    War Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen Dance by Kira Fercho

  • Soul Journey by Kira Fercho

  • You Are My Sunshine by Kira Fercho

  • Ghost Pony by Kira Fercho

  • Wanderer by Kira Fercho

  • Fast Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Warrior by Kira Fercho

  • Warrior on Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Sold

    Brave Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Prairie Sumac by Kira Fercho

  • Prairie Willow by Kira Fercho

  • Riders by Kira Fercho

  • Paint Pony in Poppies by Kira Fercho

  • Traveler by Kira Fercho

  • Flowers Dance by Kira Fercho

  • Flower Girl by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen with Blue Sky by Kira Fercho

  • Hand-carved Teak Globe with Grass Finishing

  • Hand-carved Teak & Magmatic Sand Globe

  • Hand-carved Teak & Resin Globe

  • Hand-carved Teak & Hammered Metal Globe

  • Time Warp by Kane Scheidegger

  • Middle Earth by Kane Scheidegger

  • Wasatch Dream by Kane Scheidegger

  • Aspen Wonderland by Kane Scheidegger

  • Top of the World by Kane Scheidegger

  • Snowdragons by Kane Scheidegger

  • Crazy Eights by Kane Scheidegger

  • Blue Lakes Sunrise by Kane Scheidegger

  • Desert Sentinel Amber – Hand Blown Glass

  • Jupiter Spire Red – Hand Blown Glass

  • Incalmo Jupiter Vessel & Stand – Hand Blown Glass

  • Jupiter Mandala Cobalt – Hand Blown Glass

  • Jupiter Mandala Red & Yellow – Hand Blown Glass

  • Jupiter Vase Red – Hand Blown Glass

  • Desert Vista Arch Amber – Hand Blown Glass Vase

  • Desert Vista Needles Red – Hand Blown Glass Vase

  • Commissioned Western Paintings by Kira Fercho

  • North American Wildlife Paintings (more subjects available)

  • African Wildlife Paintings (More Subjects Available)

  • Kaleidoscopic Sunset by Kane Scheidegger

  • Urban Western Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)

  • Modern Musicology Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)

  • Funky & Fresh Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)

  • Peace Offering By Walter Horton

Custom Made, White-Glove Delivered.

Think of our gallery as a portfolio of possibilities: if you don’t see exactly what you want in the shop, we can work with you to create a custom piece that is uniquely you, that makes a statement, and that has a personal story from your experiences collaborating with us. Our furniture, décor and accessories are one-of-a-kind original works made with the height of craftsmanship and artistry, the options limited only by your imagination.

Looking for the perfect piece? Want to know more?