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Kira Fercho – Western Artist

Landscapes hooked Kira Fercho on painting. From the time she was thirteen, she has been painting “en plein aire”. As Kira developed as an artist, she began taking the smaller paintings that she did into the studio. Those little sketches have now become staple pieces in large corporate collections and homes throughout the world. Kira started in her own backyard, Yellowstone National Park, and has painted in faraway places, namely France and the Sonoran Desert.

Kira Fercho is a modern impressionistic oil painter who has training in Russian Impressionism and Western Tonalism. Kira is taking the art world by storm and garnering the attention of seasoned collectors across the country, not only because she is amazingly talented but also because her spirit and zest for life shows through in everything she does. Known for her thick impasto style oil paintings, Kira is a Montana native who paints what she knows: the culture of the West – the landscape, the animals, and the ways of the people.

Kira is currently focused on providing opportunities for friends and clients of Gold Mountain Gallery to own commissioned artwork. Contact the gallery with your ideas, pictures or vision, and you’ll be hanging a gallery quality oil painting on your wall within 6-8 weeks.