Kaleidoscopic Sunset by Kane Scheidegger

This photo was taken in late September during the peak of fall colors in the San Juan Mountains. It had been stormy for the past day and the mountains were unable to shed the clouds. As Kane set up the shot the clouds to the west broke and let the sunlight through to engulf the mountains in its beautiful sunset glow. 14,000 ft. Mt. Sneffels is in the center of the image, hiding just behind the clouds. The oak in the foreground was a brilliant red that not all years produce. The leaves of the golden aspens mixed with the green bogs of the valley floor, all bathed in a multicolor sunset create this KALEIDOSCOPIC SUNSET.

  • 84″ x 40″ (alternate sizes available upon request, price adjusts accordingly).
  • Limited edition.
  • Shot using 6 vertical images stitched together.
  • High resolution photo shot on cameras from 50-100 megapixels for a truly immersive experience.
  • Printed on the highest quality fine art papers and canvas using industry leading EPSON SureColor P20000.
  • UV protected & waterproofed.
  • Produced entirely by hand in Kane’s Ridgway studio: from the custom-milled frames, to the canvas stretching, to photograph printing and finishing.
  • Lead time of 2-3 weeks.


Kane Scheidegger is a landscape and ski photographer based out of Telluride and Ridgway, Colorado. He specialize in larger than life images that capture Mother Nature’s most striking moments. His images are printed on large canvas (like 4ft x 8ft) to bring the viewer a real life experience. Most images are large panoramics taken throughout the world with a focus on Southwest Colorado, where I call home. Kane was born and raised in Ridgway and has a bachelor of science in graphic arts.

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