I specialize in larger than life images that capture Mother Nature's most striking moments.

Kane ScheideggerGallery Artist

I specialize in larger than life images that capture Mother Nature's most striking moments.

Kane ScheideggerGallery Artist

Sculpture, Paintings, Photography and Hand-blown Glass

The art and photography at Gold Mountain Gallery is selected from accomplished artists, many of them Colorado-based, who craft unique and beautiful works. We have many artists that depict the stunning scenery of Telluride. The gallery features fine artwork in the following media: painting, impasto, sculpture, hand-blown glass, photography and more.

  • North American Wildlife Paintings (more subjects available)

  • Modern Musicology Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)

  • Fast Horse by Kira Fercho

  • You Are My Sunshine by Kira Fercho

  • Aspen with Blue Sky by Kira Fercho

  • Flowers Dance by Kira Fercho

  • Soul Journey by Kira Fercho

  • Paint Pony in Poppies by Kira Fercho

  • Jupiter Mandala Red & Yellow – Hand Blown Glass

  • African Wildlife Paintings (More Subjects Available)

  • Hand-carved Teak & Resin Globe

  • Jupiter Spire Red – Hand Blown Glass

  • Brave Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Riders by Kira Fercho

  • Warrior by Kira Fercho

  • Peace Offering By Walter Horton

  • Aspen Dance by Kira Fercho

  • Warrior on Horse by Kira Fercho

  • Desert Vista Arch Amber – Hand Blown Glass Vase

  • Jupiter Mandala Cobalt – Hand Blown Glass

  • Aspen Wonderland by Kane Scheidegger

  • Funky & Fresh Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)

  • Snowdragons by Kane Scheidegger

  • Jupiter Vase Red – Hand Blown Glass

  • Incalmo Jupiter Vessel & Stand – Hand Blown Glass

  • Ghost Pony by Kira Fercho

  • Desert Sentinel Amber – Hand Blown Glass

  • Traveler by Kira Fercho

  • Commissioned Western Paintings by Kira Fercho

  • Kaleidoscopic Sunset by Kane Scheidegger

  • Flower Girl by Kira Fercho

  • Prairie Willow by Kira Fercho

  • Top of the World by Kane Scheidegger

  • Wanderer by Kira Fercho

  • Crazy Eights by Kane Scheidegger

  • Wasatch Dream by Kane Scheidegger

  • Desert Vista Needles Red – Hand Blown Glass Vase

  • Blue Lakes Sunrise by Kane Scheidegger

  • Prairie Sumac by Kira Fercho

  • Middle Earth by Kane Scheidegger

  • Hand-carved Teak & Magmatic Sand Globe

  • Time Warp by Kane Scheidegger

  • Urban Western Paintings by Shen (more subjects available)

  • Hand-carved Teak Globe with Grass Finishing

  • Hand-carved Teak & Hammered Metal Globe

Custom Made, White-Glove Delivered.

Think of our gallery as a portfolio of possibilities: if you don’t see exactly what you want in the shop, we can work with you to create a custom piece that is uniquely you, that makes a statement, and that has a personal story from your experiences collaborating with us. Our furniture, décor and accessories are one-of-a-kind original works made with the height of craftsmanship and artistry, the options limited only by your imagination.

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